I sing good - But something is missing ?

Many times when I attend a concert or a short singing session I realize that singer was technically really good however I cannot articulate what is missing. Something did not touch me, I am not able to feel the song as well as I have felt some other songs. There are even times when a average singer gives a memorable performance and leaves me perplexed. I think only if he had some more talent he could have done wonders. 

Belting - Best exercises and Tip

BELTING. What exactly is belting? And how do you do it?. The following video below gives demonstration of belting which almost everyone in popular music and especially musical theater does. The Video also gives five best and most effective exercises for belting. We have covered some basics in our earlier content on singing.ws. which is essential : good posture, breath, and support. This is slightly advanced singing.



Best Vocal Training (Singing) softwares and Should we use them ?

Singing softwares are generally designed to take input of audio and give  visual feedbacks for pitch, beat and loudness. This is required because as an amateur you will not have a musical ear to point out your mistakes. If there is a software which can show you visually how you sing then it will help you do needed correction. Using the software s you can sing and replay instantly and check your output.

How can I learn Singing at home without any background of singing, music

learn singing at home without background

If you have been reading my blog then you would have realized by now that singing is an art which requires lot of hard work, patience, dedication and focus. However many times people ask me, “I just want to sing this one song, I don’t really want to be a rock star or a pro. How can I do that?”


Warm ups for singing - Most important things to do

Vocal Warmups exercise

Vocal Warmups are very important , especially during the colder season. I used to have habit of eating ice-creams and drink a little soda even in cold season and that would jam up my voice, especially in the mornings. I used to do some random vocal warmups to open up but it was not really helping. There was one winter season I remember where i could never open up my voice to its full capacity.

My point is that Vocal warmups help if you know what you really want to achieve, its not really going to cover up for cold or throat infection, you will have to get that treated first.

Professional sound mixing using Audacity

Whether you are a singer or pod caster. You will need to record your voice and be able to do basic processing using a software to make the voice quality acceptable for circulation. We generally like to hear clear, crisp voice. When we perform in large hall or auditorium, there is some kind of reverberation which audience can hear , this also adds to overall experience. Sometimes the bass and treble are adjusted on mixer to given even better acoustics.   Some mixers even have echo effect.

Why do I sound bad in recording but good while singing

A common misconception that most amateur singers have is - I sound good when I am singing , but horrible when I listen to my own recording. How can we explain this phenomenon. Is it due to the fact that recording equipment is not good,?  or something changes mentally when you record ? or is it even true that one can sound good while not recording. ?


Voice Cracking - How do good singers handle it ?

Voice break generally refers to transitions between different vocal registers of the human voice. Although singing is mostly done using the modal register, it is important for more professional singers to be able to smoothly move between different vocal registers. Unintentional voice breaks are called voice cracks. Cracking voice sounds very naive and its not good at all for professional singers. Voice cracking happens when there is lack of steady flow of air especially when singing higher notes. The voice muscles are not able to support.