Can you lean to sing in your 20s or 30s

The simple answer is yes. You can practically learn to sing at any age. However when you are older you may need help of a professional teacher. If you have been singing since childhood then lot of basic things about singing are known. Like singing in correct pitch, correct volume , applying correct riffs and runs, being a performer and not just a singer etc.

What are the best practices for Vocalists or Singers

When you start learning to sing or when you want to take your voice to next level, there are certain things which comes to mind. Are there certain best practices, exercieses, strategies which beneficial and will help be become a better singer ?.
What are the best practices for improving a performance?. What concepts beginners need to know and how to apply exercises correctly. ?

How to have a deep voice

Has deep voice always amazed you and have you always wanted to have a good deep voice ? . There are many voice artists who have deep voices, for eg: people on radio, voices that you hear in movie trailers, voice-over artists and public speakers all have very good professional voice which gets people glued to their talk or speech. 


What is Whistle tone or Whistle Register

The whistle register is the range of vocal notes above E6. Whistle register is an extension of your head voice or head register. The sound in that range are similar to whistling sound and hence the name. A properly pitched whistle register tone can shatter glass, there are some videos on Youtube which you can watch.  

How to sing songs which are high pitch for you.

Singing in the proper scale is important. All singers have a voice range. Most popular singers have a 4 Octave voice range and it takes lot of professional training to achieve that level.  There are few singers who have 6 octave voice range. 
No matter what your vocal range is. You can always sing the song if you practice well. Say you have two octave voice range which is true for most amateur singers, you need to start the song in the lower scale so you can go as high as possible.

Top 10 tips on How to improve singing

  1. Get professional training from a reputed Vocal coach

if above is not possible, due to any reason then you will have to self help yourself. Check out the 10 tips below which will help you continuously improve your singing. I guarantee that you can see progress on monthly basis if you keep practicing below tips.


What does it mean to have good voice ? Is it same as being good singer

So people have told you that you are a good singer with a good voice. You think you have a powerful voice and good control with wide range, and rich, clear, dark tone. So what does it mean to have a greatest voice ? Is it same as being great singer or are the two different. ? 
Actually there is a difference. People with good voice or excellent voices make good singers, However all good singers may not have excellent voices.

Learn How to sing tough songs

Do you sound as good as the original song ?. Do you want to learn how to sing a song ?. Taking example of few Indian Songs I want to show you how to listen to a song first then do the riffs, runs, belting , breathy voice etc. There are many elements of singing, but mark of a good singer is to know which element to apply where. What sounds good at a particular place in a song and what may sound out of place. To sing well, first you must listen to a song well, understand the intricacies.

Indian Classical Vocal Music for Beginners

Indian Classical Music believes that the voice shapes by practicing Alankars , Arohi, Amrohi. These are nothing but vocal exercises using Sa, Re, Ga, Ma sounds. Sa, Re, Ga, Ma are known as swars and they map to keys on the keyboard.

There are keyboards available with harmonium sounds which are best to use when practicing Indian classical music. Generally the keyboards having pure harmonium sound will be in range of Rs. 8000 to Rs 10000. The better the quality of sound you hear, the better your output as as singer.