How to develop your own Singing Style

Singing with Style is an ultimate goal of a singer. I will correct myself, singing in UNIQUE style is what every singer desires. You may be learning singing for a long time, you may have hired a personal tutor, but if you are not distinct in your voice or your style its very difficult for you to find place under the Sun and make a mark as a singer. For professional singers developing a unique style is imperative to succeed.

How to improve singing voice and sound good

How to improve your singing voice and sound good. There are many ways to improve your singing voice and sound good. However there is no quick fix, but you can start seeing results almost instantly. Some tips from my side to improve the quality of your voice.
  1. Practice , Practice practice. You must know the song well and practice on a daily basis. You cannot be practicing once in a week and expect to sound good. Practice in the morning. Morning is a good time for singing practice and vocal exercises. You must start with low scale.

How to protect your vocal chords

Singers must take good care of their vocal chords. Rather than leaving things to chance, you must work hard on the health and well being of your vocal chords. Singers are known for their voice and consistency. If you are not consistent, then you are not a good singer. You cannot sing excellent once in a while and sing below average most of the time. Consistency requires lot of hard work and self control. Following tips will help you to protect your vocal chords. Make good note of these points.


Isn't Singing all about having a huge vocal range ?

Isn't Singing all about having a huge vocal range ? When we hear some great singers hit high notes with ease and perfection, we often wonder, if we had this vocal range we would be great singers too. Right ?. Answer is No. Huge Vocal range is only one of the skills required to be a good singer. In fact in many Genre of singing two to three octave vocal range is good enough.

How much time taken for beginners to learn Singing

A very frequently asked question by beginners , is how much time or how many hours do I have to spend before I can learn Singing ?. 
A simple answer to this question is it takes time to really find the right singing voice and to develop your voice to sing well. Now the question is how much time ?

Avoid Strain or Tension or hurting when singing and sing stress free

What creates strain or energy drain while singing. ? What creates stress when singing. ? Lets understand some of the reasons why you may be feeling stress. When I started my singing career, I had great voice and was able to do riffs, runs, belting and sing all types of songs. However in less than 15 to 20 mins of singing I would totally be drained out , it was like there is no energy left in my body and felt like sleeping. It took me some time to understand what creates stress and how to overcome the same.

Avoid common mistakes by Singers

Singing is a difficult thing to master. You may sound good or have a good voice, but if you want to get playback quality voice you really need to work hard , practice and even take professional singing lessons. Lets take a look at some common mistakes made by new singers and how you can avoid them and go to next level of singing


Hindustani Classical Vocal Music Lessons - Beginners 9 Videos

Hindustani Classical Music or Shastriya Sangeet is originated in India. Training in Hindustani Classical is enough to sing any Genre of Songs. However it heavily depends on the teacher or guru teaching you.

Following video will cover basics of Hindustani classical music , 7 Swaras, Aroha , Amroha. These sounds originated from animals.

This episode will mainly focus on various permutations and combinations of swaras also called Alankar.

Finding your mix and singing high notes

Finding the mix voice is the key to becoming a singer. Most singers who are popular may not know this term "mix" but if they sound powerful they are singing in their mix. Without finding your mix you will not be singing as powerful and will have difficultly in connecting higher notes.

Another video by Brett Manning on Finding your mix voice

Breathing exercises and Control while Singing

Breathing is a natural process and controlling breath while singing is important to be effective in singing. Beginners and Intermediate level singers run out of breath when singing a long line. If you run out of breath then you will not be able to sing a lot of songs, you will be afraid to attempt difficult songs and will always worry about running out of breath.