Vocal Singing Tips for Beginners

Common mistakes made by beginners and what should be avoided.

1. Beginners expect voice to transform overnight or in a week or month. Singing success is not an overnight activity. It takes years of practice to become a singer or a playback singer. However this should not discourage you. in case you have a good voice then you probably already sound good. All you need to do now is keep improving day by day and that will motivate you to perform better. Anyone can sing with dedication and proper training


Voice lessons - Vocal Vibrato

Check the simplest way to create an impact while singing. Vibrato can be easily achieved by doing Siren exercises. Vibrato is an effect consisting of a regular, pulsating change of pitch. It is used to add expression to singing. Vibrato is typically characterised in terms of two factors: the amount of pitch variation ("extent of vibrato") and the speed with which the pitch is varied ("rate of vibrato")

This Video will show you basic way to learn Vibrato, without a piano.


Add Notes and Extend your vocal Range fast

The most commonly asked question by amateur singers is - "How do I increase my Vocal Range ?". The counter question would be "Why do you want to increase your vocal range ?", While its important to increase your range, one must understand that powerful singing is not limited to singing higher notes. In any case extending your vocal range is important. The first thing you must understand is that as you sing higher notes, you must reduce the amount of air that is coming out. This sometimes translates into reducing your volume.

Singing when you are sick

There are some days when you will not be able to sing. Especially if you have a throat infection. You will be able to sing low notes and high notes, and will find it difficult to connect the middle notes. If you still have to sing then dont tell anyone that you are sick. Just go out and attempt as if you are fine, pick an easy song which you have mastered over the period of time. Prevention is better than cure, but if you fall sick, you can check out some home remedies in the video below.

If you are mildly sick then you can follow these following tips.


Sound Good when Singing - Vocal Exercise

The best way to sound good is to be natural. Be Yourself , don't try to overdo things. When you try to bring in the extra power, then you will sound un-natural and often shrill and sharp which is not good on ears. As amateur Singer you will tend to imitate what you hear. This will make you sound artificial. You will not be consistent , somedays you will sound good and people will appreciate you , somedays you will do bad and will shake your confidence. They key is to be in control, Sing in your most comfortable vocal range, since the songs you are comfortable with.

Vocal Warm-Ups - Need and Basic Routine

Do we really need the Vocal Warmups. Isn't it waste of time. After all I have to sing well, do high notes, belting, riffs etc.
I will ask you a counter question. Can you lift 30 Kgs directly and not sore your muscles. Wouldnt it be good if you warm up your body, start with 5 Kgs and then gradually go all the way to 30 kgs. ?

Vocal Chord Health and Singer's health

Healthy body will have a Healthy voice. A well accepted fact in Singing community. If you are constantly ill or unwell, your singing output will not be as good.
Singers have to take care of their overall health, not just the health of their vocal chords. Singing to me is an output of your entire body. You cannot have a severe knee pain and yet expect to sing well. You mind is diverted and will affect your output.
Some tips to have a healthy singing voice 

Is it dangerous to teach yourself to sing without a teacher

Its certainly not 'dangerous', but it's not very effective. I myself had seen many books and videos and DVDs all over about teaching yourself to sing, but none of these can actually give you feedback from any of them. Sometimes your FRIENDS or your spouse can tell you that you sound great or not, but they wont be able to point out the mistakes and hence will not be able to give any deep rooted constructive feedback.