Add Notes and Extend your vocal Range fast

The most commonly asked question by amateur singers is - "How do I increase my Vocal Range ?". The counter question would be "Why do you want to increase your vocal range ?", While its important to increase your range, one must understand that powerful singing is not limited to singing higher notes. In any case extending your vocal range is important. The first thing you must understand is that as you sing higher notes, you must reduce the amount of air that is coming out. This sometimes translates into reducing your volume. If you consciously try to reduce your volume when singing higher, you will be able to sing effortlessly top of your range. Another tip I found very useful was , that as you sing higher notes, you should imagine voice coming out of your chest. This is difficult at first but with some practice you can do that. Once you achieve this control, singing higher notes will be easy for you.

However here are few sets of exercises, that will help you increase your vocal range.

This is another video on same topic

This video below gives the basic tip on how to sing high notes, which is by lowering your voice and singing effortless.

This video is Indian Classical music and in Hindi

Another video which very well explains how to increase your vocal range