Avoid common mistakes by Singers

Singing is a difficult thing to master. You may sound good or have a good voice, but if you want to get playback quality voice you really need to work hard , practice and even take professional singing lessons. Lets take a look at some common mistakes made by new singers and how you can avoid them and go to next level of singing

1. Not singing in correct pitch. You should know your comfortable starting pitch and maintain that throughout the song. The song you are trying to sing may be in higher or lower pitch, however you must learn to make corrections such that you sing in the pitch which is comfortable to you. I generally recommend singing in lowest comfortable pitch as it sounds good and authoritative.

2. Not practicing enough. Practicing a song may take anywhere from 30 mins to 5 to 6 hours. When I say practicing it means to sing with all the riff, runs , effects, belting etc. Some songs seem simple but when you record the same you may not sound as good. You may have a good voice but because you did not apply all the required effects it may not sound good.

3. Singing without the mood or feelings. You think you have mastered the song, but when you listen to it and compare with original it doesnt sound as good. Check if you have missed out on the mood of the song. Singing is about expressing your feelings. A sad song cannot be sung with smile on your face and vice versa. You really need to get into the mood and feel the words as you deliver.

4. Not articulating the words. Singers need to exaggerate the lip movements when articulating the words. If you sing with your mouth barely open then you will not make an impact. Try to exaggerate your lip movements and articulate each word with the required impact.

5. Selecting a song that does not suit you. All singers cannot sing all songs. You must be able to evaluate what sounds best in your voice. Record your songs, take feedback from your friends. As a general rule sing only the songs that you absolutely love singing.. Only then it will be of professional quality.