Avoid Strain or Tension or hurting when singing and sing stress free

What creates strain or energy drain while singing. ? What creates stress when singing. ? Lets understand some of the reasons why you may be feeling stress. When I started my singing career, I had great voice and was able to do riffs, runs, belting and sing all types of songs. However in less than 15 to 20 mins of singing I would totally be drained out , it was like there is no energy left in my body and felt like sleeping. It took me some time to understand what creates stress and how to overcome the same.

1. Singing without Vocal Warmups - Breathing exercises, Lip Trills, and for Hindustani Classical singers, Arohi Amrohi all prepare you for singing. Without warmup you will quickly strain your vocal chords.

2. Singing loudly. If you are performing on stage and you dont have experience you may get carried away looking at audience and will tend to sing louder than your comfortable range. You must do warm up exercises such that you are able to hit high notes with ease. Once you have done your warm ups. be very careful of the volume. If you raise your volume when singing high notes you will strain yourself. Ensure that your singing volume goes down as you sing higher, this will sound pleasing to the audience, else you will sound shrill and it will seem like shouting.

3. Singing when you are sick or having cold or throat infection. I usually recommend people to take few days off when they have throat infection. when you have cold or are sick, reduce the duration of your practice sessions.

4. Sing from diaphragm or from your stomach. If you sing from throat you will stress yourself out. You must imagine that voice comes out of your stomach or diaphragm. Throat is just a exhaust pipe through which sound travels out. Always sing from stomach or diaphragm, Lip trills and other warm up exercises will engage your diaphragm and stomach muscles and you will not strain yourself. The diaphragm is muscle between your abdomen and your lungs. Singers use diaphragm to control breathing while performing. The best way to feel the muscle in action is to place your hand on you stomach and as you exhale, push your hand away with your abdominal muscles. You can even push back with your hand to really get the idea of the control this muscle can have. Now, sing Sa or Do in a smooth steady tone as you do this. While pushing with the diaphragm and your hand you can see hoe this technique strengthen you voice while not being harsh on your vocal cords.

5. When singing high notes image that the sound comes from your chest. I know its head voice when you sing high notes, but if you imagine that sound is coming from lower portion of your body or chest then you will avoid going higher, your pitch will be in control and you will not stress yourself out.

6. You can badly hurt your vocal chords by misusing your voice. Screaming, yelling, shouting, and coughing, all are misuse so is whispering and over speaking. Some people sing too much which is not good. Warming up your voice is a good idea but overuse and misuse of voice will damage your vocal chords and you will have to rest it for some time.

Singing must be pleasing and stress busting instead of creating stress. You must love the sound of your voice and feel like singing more and more. Always sing in correct pitch and volume which suits you the best. However if you have persistent pain in your throat while singing even after lot of rest then you must see a doctor.

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