Best Vocal Training (Singing) softwares and Should we use them ?

Singing softwares are generally designed to take input of audio and give  visual feedbacks for pitch, beat and loudness. This is required because as an amateur you will not have a musical ear to point out your mistakes. If there is a software which can show you visually how you sing then it will help you do needed correction. Using the software s you can sing and replay instantly and check your output. This will help yo hear yourself and analyze your strength and weaknesses in the appropriate context.  Most software have some in-built singing exercises too. 
Now the question is - will it help you sing better. ? If its overused it can actually make you a worse singer. Visual output seems a good idea, however singing is about natural expression and generating feelings. Singing softwares can actually make you a mechanical singer and people will not understand why you dont sound as good.
Singing softwares are best used by teachers to show the students where they have gone wrong. Even to understand the software output you will need some experience. Basically you need to know when you are going off-pitch and then someone must sing and show you the right pitch. 


If you have watched above videos you would have got an idea of what singing softwares can do for you. However do choose it wisely, as I said earlier most of the softwares are for Musicians and Teachers rather than for learning use.