Breathing exercises and Control while Singing

Breathing is a natural process and controlling breath while singing is important to be effective in singing. Beginners and Intermediate level singers run out of breath when singing a long line. If you run out of breath then you will not be able to sing a lot of songs, you will be afraid to attempt difficult songs and will always worry about running out of breath.

Breath control is also needed to have good smooth Vibrato. A quick test would be how long can you sing Aaaa.... after breathing in. If you can sing less than 10 seconds you have a problem. You are either exhaling too fast with too much air or not using your diaphragm well.

Check out the following videos on breathing exercises and control while singing

Video 1 - Explains Singing and the Breath - by Ken.

Video 2 -
These are the breathing exercises to do before you start daily vocal warm-up/singing. These exercises are taught by vocal coaches both in person and on YouTube and compiled into this one video. The exercises that work best , and make the biggest difference in the way you feel when you sing. I'm sure doing these exercises will help you sound better :)

Video 3
Mastering your breath - A Simple exercise that you can do for 5 mins a day and get great results in singing. I highly recommend this.