Hindustani Classical Vocal Music Lessons - Beginners 9 Videos

Hindustani Classical Music or Shastriya Sangeet is originated in India. Training in Hindustani Classical is enough to sing any Genre of Songs. However it heavily depends on the teacher or guru teaching you.

Following video will cover basics of Hindustani classical music , 7 Swaras, Aroha , Amroha. These sounds originated from animals.

This episode will mainly focus on various permutations and combinations of swaras also called Alankar.

This podcast will mainly focus on different forms of swaras such as Shudha, Komal and Tivra, their names and the concept of saptak, which is a set of seven swaras. We have also attempted to explain the representation of music notes in this episode.

This is the fourth podcast in this series. This podcast will introduce the concept of Taal and Laya. Taal is important for anybody wanting to learn music. A tala is a regular, repeating rhythmic phrase, particularly as rendered on a percussive instrument with an ebb and flow of various intonations represented as a theka, a sequence of drum-syllables or bol. Lay is the tempo, or speed of a piece. The Hindi term for tempo is "lay" and is derived from the Sanskrit term "laya".

basic tips for practice or Riyaaz of Hindustani classical vocal music.

This podcast will discuss some basic tips for practice or Riyaaz of Hindustani classical vocal music. It also has tips on singing in Aakar, singing Taans, breathing exercises like Pranayam

This podcast introduces Raag Bhoop or Bhupali. It will also discuss some basic concepts associated with raga like that, aaroh, avaroh, pakad, vaadi swar, samvadi swar and raag samay. Alankars of Raag Bhoop are also covered in this podcast.

This episode will disucss the Sargam Geet and Bandish with notations for Raag Bhoop also called Bhupali.The episode also discusses the meaning of Sargam Geet and the meaning of Bandish, Gat or Cheez for any Raga. The Bandish chosen in this episode has been written by Pandit Nath Neralkar in dialect of Hindi, called Brij Bhasha.

After watching this video you can view this video which shows "How to do Riyaz to become a pro singer"