How can I learn Singing at home without any background of singing, music

learn singing at home without background

If you have been reading my blog then you would have realized by now that singing is an art which requires lot of hard work, patience, dedication and focus. However many times people ask me, “I just want to sing this one song, I don’t really want to be a rock star or a pro. How can I do that?”

The question is – is it even possible to sing just one song without any background of music , notes, scale, pitch, and sound good at the same time ?. The answer is thankfully yes. You will take more time to practice the song but ultimately you will make it. Most singers are god gifted in their ability to catch the tune and beats. If you are a bathroom singer then you can sing. Forget about keys, tones, scales, triads, arpeggios, etc. Singing is about expressing yourself, theory can help but only to a certain extent, ultimately you’re your ability to sing from heart and express your feelings through the song. Even trained singers fumble when they become conscious about their performance and it leads to more frustration.

See the steps below I have tried to highlight.

• Selection of SONG -- Most important step is the song you are selecting. The song you select must suit to your voice. Not only that, it should not be very complex. Try with melodious songs or ghazals, they are much easy to replicate then the mainstream songs. Most people are disappointed sing the song selection is very naïve. If you are level 1 singer , give yourself some time before you become level 5 or above.
• Listen to the favorite song few times, but this time with the intent of singing.
• Try humming the song slowly while playing the song. Make sure you have got the tune right. Listen to your humming and find out. Check if you are going higher and lower as the original song.
• Again listen to the song and this time don’t sing it. Print the lyrics on the paper and as you listen to the song, mark the areas you feel are difficult and needs more practice.
• Keep singing and every time you sing record and compare with original. If you keep doing this for 7 days, your day 7 recording will be much better than day 1.
Sing in front of your friend, spouse, child or someone you trust. Try to get some appreciation , so that you can get motivated to perform even better. Leave critical reviews for later.

The more you listen to original and compare to your performance you will learn the art of listening and develop musical ears. Also if your focus is only to master 1 song, it’s not as much pressure and with some hard work and dedication you can do that even if you don’t have any background of music or singing.

Needless to say to become a professional singer and be able to sing all songs, it will take years of training. But to sing and master one simple song it should be very much possible.