How to develop your own Singing Style

Singing with Style is an ultimate goal of a singer. I will correct myself, singing in UNIQUE style is what every singer desires. You may be learning singing for a long time, you may have hired a personal tutor, but if you are not distinct in your voice or your style its very difficult for you to find place under the Sun and make a mark as a singer. For professional singers developing a unique style is imperative to succeed.

Before we even go into the details of "How to Sing in Style" Or "How to develop your own style of sining" there are few things you must understand.

1. Style is natural and not artificial. What I mean is something you are very comfortable doing becomes your style. You like wearing certain clothes or behave in certain way. If its unique enough and if people like it then it becomes a style statement.

2. Style is generally associated with celebrities and important people. However people become important in first place by having a unique style, then whatever they do becomes a Style statement

So when it comes to Singing you must first learn the basics. You should be able to sing songs as-is like original. Then you can make certain changes that you like to the song without changing the tune or framework of the song. In Indian classical music its making changes while keeping the Raga the same. So lets give some tips on developing your style

1. Pick the Genre of songs that you like the most, or you are most comfortable singing
2. practice few songs. Practice really deep, listen to ups and downs, riffs, runs, Vibrato, breath release, soft, light, hard, volume modulations etc.
3. Then check what modulations or changes you like to make. It can be either introducing certain new riffs or runs, maybe belting on certain note.
4. Check if some other singer has sung the same song. Pay particular attention to their style. Identify what they're doing to create that "style."
5. If you have a unique voice then you dont have to worry too much about your style of singing, since people can easily distinguish and you would have found your niche.
6. Satisfy yourself fully before you ask for feedback. What you sing should move you emotionally, if it does not touch you then it will not impress others. When it comes to feedback, most people will say you sing good, however you will keep struggling to find your mark, if you cannot touch someone's heart or you are NOT involved when singing.

Before concentrating on things like developing a unique style you should be able to breathe properly and sing in correct pitch. If you are just a beginner don't focus on unique style for the first few months, you can work on it or may be you will develop one with time. Unless your trainer is asking you to work on it.

As I have mentioned in my other articles, as a learner , you must record and then evaluate your singing. Compare it with original and check for gaps.

TRYING TOO HARD TO INTRODUCE STYLE will only end up annoying your listeners. There are subtle things which create style. Don't try to overdo things. It can have a negative effect and you may end up spoiling a performance. Many singers may not have to do anything, they already have a style. Analyze your voice and singing to check if you already have a unique style. Then you don't have to work too hard on this. Singing is result of preparation, skill, technique, health, presence of mind and passion. I don't mean to scare you , if you are singing you already have all of these, now just focus on singing in style :)