How to have a deep voice

Has deep voice always amazed you and have you always wanted to have a good deep voice ? . There are many voice artists who have deep voices, for eg: people on radio, voices that you hear in movie trailers, voice-over artists and public speakers all have very good professional voice which gets people glued to their talk or speech. 


Deep voice also have been associated with authority, confidence and reliability and there is more respect for people with deep voices ( not always but sometimes). Deep voices are generally associated with men, but women too can have deep voices which sounds very graceful and nice. 


Deep voice generally comes from chest and lower in pitch. It sound hard and rough. With some training you can achieve depth in your voice, but a lot of it depends on the anatomy of your vocal chords and is god gifted. If you work against your natural voice then it may damage your vocal chords. However as I said before with some training you can definitely sound better and deeper. 


To get a deeper voice here are some of the tips


1. Singers over the period of time usually develop a deep voice. So as a first tip i would say do some singing or rather serious singing. 

2. De-stress and Nutrition - Proper nutrition , diet and sleep is required to have good developed vocal chords. The days when you are stressed out you are likely to sound squeaky and not so good. Try to compare the quality of your voice the days when you are extremely happy. You will understand what I mean

3. Checkout the breathing exercises which I have listed on this website. Do breathing exercises daily and learn how to speak from your diaphragm and chest. 

4. Speak relaxed. People with deep voice are generally more relaxed in their outlook and dont rush too much when speaking. 

5. Speak slowly.  As I said above. Dont rush and deliver each word you speak with clarity and emphasis. You will improve your communication as you will not have to repeat things. 

6. Imagine that you are speaking from your chest or even below and consciously try to mimic a deep hard voice. In few days it will become a habit. Dont go overboard , sound natural. 


If your career or job depends on you having a good deep voice then I would suggest you take up professional classes or training to get a deep voice. 

The most attractive voice is not the voice which is deeper but the voice that is phonating most freely and naturally. The healthiest thing you can do for your voice is to find the speaking and singing ranges that are most comfortable and natural for you. Don't force your voice to create a sound that it doesn't create naturally. If your voice doesn't create those sounds naturally, then you will end up doing damage to your voice in long run. There are people whose voices naturally sound rough/raspy. They don't do anything, they just sing, and that's the character of their particular voice. If you don't naturally have that kind of a quality to your voice, anything you do to try to get it can damage it.