How to improve singing voice and sound good

How to improve your singing voice and sound good. There are many ways to improve your singing voice and sound good. However there is no quick fix, but you can start seeing results almost instantly. Some tips from my side to improve the quality of your voice.
  1. Practice , Practice practice. You must know the song well and practice on a daily basis. You cannot be practicing once in a week and expect to sound good. Practice in the morning. Morning is a good time for singing practice and vocal exercises. You must start with low scale.
  2. Take good care of your vocal chords. Dont damage it by singing too high or too low. Do warmups every day and you will build up strength. Dont overuse it.
  3. Dont over do it.  If you are a beginner, practice only for 30 minutes. Build that up gradually until you reach an hour. Most singers can't manage more than an hour. Also, drink plenty of water while you practice.
  4. Always sing in your comfortable voice range. You must work on extending your range but that is a different lesson altogether. Whatever you sing, whereever you sing , you must be comfortable and should not feel stressed. The moment you start feeling uncomfortable, it will start showing up in your sound.  Higher notes should be sung in low volume and lower notes in normal volume. don't screech ever.  Stop the moment you realize that you are getting uncomfortable. Do NG sound exercises to open up your voice range.  
  5. Girls' voices have a "break", where you can sing either side of it but it's not easy to cross it. Try to avoid practicing across the break, as this will make your practice easier.
  6. To sound good and improve your singing , breath control is very important. If you run out of breath then you will not be able to sing for more time or longer phrases. Professional singers can hold a note, loudly, for a large number of seconds. This is a lifelong process but you keep improving each day. Over the period of time you will have a good breath control. In some Genre like reciting Quran, breath control is of most importance. Check this page for breathing exercises.
  7. Self Asssessment - Record yourself and do a self assessment. Don't keep asking feedback from others. First you should develop a ear to correct your own mistakes. You can always take feedback from trusted group of people. Check your improvement on weekly basis. Sing the same song over the period of 8 to 10 weeks. Compare week1 recording with week 10 and you will notice a world of difference. I am assuming that you will be doing vocal exericses as prescribed.