I sing good - But something is missing ?

Many times when I attend a concert or a short singing session I realize that singer was technically really good however I cannot articulate what is missing. Something did not touch me, I am not able to feel the song as well as I have felt some other songs. There are even times when a average singer gives a memorable performance and leaves me perplexed. I think only if he had some more talent he could have done wonders. 

So the question is if you are not getting the appreciations that you want to hear or the feedback that you want to listen, what is missing in your singing ?. You have probably spent years together reach the level where you are and you are not sure if you can do better that this. 

The answer is the emotion or the feeling from the heart which is missing. This fails to make connection with the audience. The emotions are restricted by our own attempt to look good in front of audience whereas singing is not about looking good. Its about giving your 110% or 200% to every song making it seem like the last performance in your life. Unless you feel the words of your song, you will not get the results your desire.

This certainly an advanced level. The basic level is to get the voice straight and have the technical abilities required for singing which are covered in my other articles here.  See the video below Freya has well articulated it. 

Singing with more feelings.