Indian Classical Vocal Music for Beginners

Indian Classical Music believes that the voice shapes by practicing Alankars , Arohi, Amrohi. These are nothing but vocal exercises using Sa, Re, Ga, Ma sounds. Sa, Re, Ga, Ma are known as swars and they map to keys on the keyboard.

There are keyboards available with harmonium sounds which are best to use when practicing Indian classical music. Generally the keyboards having pure harmonium sound will be in range of Rs. 8000 to Rs 10000. The better the quality of sound you hear, the better your output as as singer.

I tried to use Android App for learning but its waste of time, there is no substitute to Keyboard, so if you are serious about improving the quality of your singing voice then you will first have to buy a good keyboard. I use casio CTK 1100 as that has the basic sound quality needed. Anything below that will be a compromise and may not really help.

When practicing the below exercises, you must remember few things.

1. Listen to the sound from the key and then match your voice to that sound. You have to develop your ears for sharp listening.
2. Practice slowly at first. Once you get the grip of the sequence then you can increase your speed. When you get started, initially you will take long time to learn a sequence.
3. Practice one sequence or tutorial for few weeks before you move to another one. Master one before moving to next.
4. Focus on breath control and how you are using your diaphragm to emit sound.
5. If you have throat infection skip a practice till you get better.

Below is the collection of 6 Videos. Its a playlist so you can switch from one video to another. Bookmark this page so you can keep checking future additions.