Isn't Singing all about having a huge vocal range ?

Isn't Singing all about having a huge vocal range ? When we hear some great singers hit high notes with ease and perfection, we often wonder, if we had this vocal range we would be great singers too. Right ?. Answer is No. Huge Vocal range is only one of the skills required to be a good singer. In fact in many Genre of singing two to three octave vocal range is good enough. Not everyone can sing in 6 octaves, most famous singers are comfortable in three to four octaves. Adele's vocal range is just over two octaves, which is pretty average for singers, yet she has this beautiful, unique sounding voice, which makes her records sell

Singing is all about delivering a message to the audience. To deliver the message you may need a good voice, ability to express, understand and feel the song yourself, sing with passion and power, stage confidence, singing in correct pitch etc.  There are those who can copy another artist, then there's those who can convince the audience about what they're singing about. The latter is what separates good singers from not so good singers. You can have a huge vocal range but no one will take that singer seriously if they can't deliver their message effectively. 

Singing technique and vocal range are mere tools to help deliver this message. In vocal range, different parts of the voice may sound better with certain emotions. For example, the lower part of the range can express a depressing feeling while the upper part can express happiness or anger better. Not a rule but generally the case.