Learn How to sing tough songs

Do you sound as good as the original song ?. Do you want to learn how to sing a song ?. Taking example of few Indian Songs I want to show you how to listen to a song first then do the riffs, runs, belting , breathy voice etc. There are many elements of singing, but mark of a good singer is to know which element to apply where. What sounds good at a particular place in a song and what may sound out of place. To sing well, first you must listen to a song well, understand the intricacies.

This is slightly intermediate to advanced level after you have done beginner level course and now understand the basics of singing.

Check out the first very popular song. "Sun raha na na to"

Second song is by my favorite singer Hariharan. You can watch some videos on Youtube where Mr. Hariharan is performing this song in different way. The song is "Tu hi re"

Hariharan performing Tu hi re , with Abhijit Pohankar , sung in Classical way

Hariharan same song different concerts, Check how he introduces uniqueness every time he sings this song

Hariharan and Chitra singing Tu hi Re , a spell binding performance

Another concert where Hariharan performs Tu hi Re

Tu hi re at another concert by Hariharan