Professional sound mixing using Audacity

Whether you are a singer or pod caster. You will need to record your voice and be able to do basic processing using a software to make the voice quality acceptable for circulation. We generally like to hear clear, crisp voice. When we perform in large hall or auditorium, there is some kind of reverberation which audience can hear , this also adds to overall experience. Sometimes the bass and treble are adjusted on mixer to given even better acoustics.   Some mixers even have echo effect. Point is that what we hear and like in live performances has some additional effects which makes the sound pleasing to hear. Say you dont have a good microphone or even if you have good microphone some of these will be required.

When we do recording at home , we need to be able to do some of these basic processing to create the effect of live performance and simulate the clarity of high quality audio equipment used.  I generally do the following basic things using the Audacity software ( free software for mac and windows)

  1. Noise removal - No home recording is perfect, there will be some noise you will have to remove. Take first few seconds of audio as noise profile and apply that for noise removal
  2. Normalizing - This will make the audio as loud as possible but uniformly distributed
  3. Equalization - Voice recordings need to be equalized so as to enhance the voice frequency and dampen the lower frequencies which are noise.
  4. Normalization - After any operation , its better to normalize again.
  5. Compression 
  6. Reverb  - This can simulate the performance in large hall or church.
  7. Echo - Either you can add Reverb or Echo, both will be an overkill. I usually use 0.3 seconds delay and 0.2 decay factor.
  8. Amplify - If required parts of audio can be amplified
  9. Fade in - Fade out - use these effects if required in some parts of your audio clip. 
  10. Bass Boost and Treble Boost - Using equalization option you can add bass boost to make your voice sound more manly and deep ( not for girls) and treble boost will amplify the higher frequencies.
  11. Hard limiter is required to clip of very loud parts of your recording

Above effects may not be applied in same sequence. However I just wanted to give you a glimpse of operations which are needed in audio editor software to make the voice recording acceptable quality for publishing.

These effects are easy to learn and master and with some experimentation you can get good handle of above.  I found below videos on Youtube helpful for learning audacity tricks.