Top 10 tips on How to improve singing

  1. Get professional training from a reputed Vocal coach

if above is not possible, due to any reason then you will have to self help yourself. Check out the 10 tips below which will help you continuously improve your singing. I guarantee that you can see progress on monthly basis if you keep practicing below tips.

  1. Practice your songs daily. 
  2. Breathing techniques that can help quite a bit. Having strong breath support is one of the most important keys to having a stronger voice. 
  3. Do Vocal warmups before you start. 
  4. Do Vocal exercises daily to improve the tone and texture of your voice. (In Indian Classical it translates to practicing sargam, in western music it would be practicing several lip trills and NG sound exercises )
  5. Do not overdo your practice . Sing till you are comfortable else you will damage your vocal chords
  6. Know how to care for your vocal chords, what should be eaten and what foods must be avoided. 
  7. Learn to protect your vocal chords.
  8. Make singing as easy for you as speaking. Avoid strain or tension when singing and sing stress free
  9. Learn the basics of singing like Vibrato, some basic riffs and runs
  10. Work on extending your vocal range .

Improving singing is a long process. It happens slowly and you will need to work upon it and have lot of patience. Dedication and long term commitment is key to becoming a good singer.