Vocal Chord Health and Singer's health

Healthy body will have a Healthy voice. A well accepted fact in Singing community. If you are constantly ill or unwell, your singing output will not be as good.
Singers have to take care of their overall health, not just the health of their vocal chords. Singing to me is an output of your entire body. You cannot have a severe knee pain and yet expect to sing well. You mind is diverted and will affect your output.
Some tips to have a healthy singing voice 
1. Take care of your overall health not just vocal chords. You cannot be chronically ill and yet be a good singer. 
2. Avoid aerated drinks like coke, pepsi and even plain soda. Eat only till you are 50% to 80% full. The lesser you eat the better your output. 
3. Avoid cold foods especially in winter. if you fall sick , you will take a long time to recover
4. Drink lots of water and keep your vocal chords always hydrated.
5. Avoid Indian style tea, where its served with Milk and boiled well. This can dehydrate your vocal chords after 30 mins to 1 hour and can impact your performance
6. No Alchohol, smoking, or any similar things.
7. Take good rest and sleep. Before a performance do not speak unless its really required. This is a technique which professional singers use very effectively.
8. When you are in loud areas do not speak as it will stress your vocal chords. We tend to speak louder and unknowingly stress our vocal chords
9. As a singer, you should always be soft spoken as you reserve your voice for your performance. 
10. Constantly clearing your throat makes your voice hoarse and damages your vocal cords. Drink a sip of water or swallow your saliva, as an alternative to clearing your throat.
Good Vocal warm up routine is required. This will ensure you dont stress out your vocal chords.