Vocal Singing Tips for Beginners

Common mistakes made by beginners and what should be avoided.

1. Beginners expect voice to transform overnight or in a week or month. Singing success is not an overnight activity. It takes years of practice to become a singer or a playback singer. However this should not discourage you. in case you have a good voice then you probably already sound good. All you need to do now is keep improving day by day and that will motivate you to perform better. Anyone can sing with dedication and proper training

2. Not articulating - As singer you should exaggerate your lip movements and over articulate the words. Sophie Sear does this very well. If you see  her videos on YouTube you can notice that even while speaking she exaggerates her lip movements. Clear articulation is the base quality of singer. If you cannot articulate clearly you will not be an effective singer.
3. Singing from throat - Beginners tend to sing from Throat only to realize that they stress themselves out in few minutes. Singing is done from diaphragm and felt in Stomach. When you do some vocal warm-ups like Lip Trills, you will automatically start engaging your stomach and diaphragm.
4. Singing Stiff or consciously - You will not sound good if you are conscious about singing. Singing has to come naturally , you will need to allow your personality to flow into the song and sound natural and feel the words in the song. Singing without feelings is one of the key reasons beginners dont sound good. They focus too much on "How to sing" which makes the song devoid of expression.

The following video will cover the basic tips which is needed for any beginners

This video answer the basic question which comes to mind for any beginner - Can anyone really sing ?

In the following video Sophie explains what it means to Sing from Diaphragm