Vocal Warm-Ups - Need and Basic Routine

Do we really need the Vocal Warmups. Isn't it waste of time. After all I have to sing well, do high notes, belting, riffs etc.
I will ask you a counter question. Can you lift 30 Kgs directly and not sore your muscles. Wouldnt it be good if you warm up your body, start with 5 Kgs and then gradually go all the way to 30 kgs. ?
Vocal chords are no different, they are muscles , infact there are over 100 muscles which are involved when you sing. A proper warm up routine will ensure that you dont damage or stress out your vocal chords and other surrounding muscles.
Lets Explore what is a good Vocal warm up routine
  1. Vocal Frys - your body's natural way to warmup is by vocal fry. When you get up in morning sometimes we start by Vocal fry and gradually as we speak the voice becomes normal.
  2. Lip Trills - A great invention and discovery, and best exercise to warm up.
  3. Tounge Trills - Similar to Lip Trills and good warmup exercies. 
  4. NG Sound - When you speak the work Sing, the NG sound made must be used to open up your vocal Range. You can do sirens or some rhythm on your keyboard
  5. Breathing exercises - This will build your stamina and longevity. 
  • Exercise 1 Inhale slowly such that your stomach expands, ensure that your shoulders are not stiff and your upper body is lose. Then exhale through mouth with Ahhhhh... sound. Do this for 5 mins. The more you do this exercise, the more your stamina.
  • Exercise 2 - Inhale fast and exhale slowly, with mastery you can exhale for 60 seconds. Initially you will exhale out in 10 seconds
  • Exercise 3 - Inhale extremely slow , then hold for 5 to 10 seconds feel the presssure on your diaphram, then exhale slowly. Do 10 times. One round should take 60 seconds. 

Step 1- Learn how to do Lip Trills and Tongue Trills.


This Video gives a good explanation of how to do NG sound exercises

Vocal warmup routine


10 minute complete vocal warmup session before recording. MUST WATCH


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