Warm ups for singing - Most important things to do

Vocal Warmups exercise

Vocal Warmups are very important , especially during the colder season. I used to have habit of eating ice-creams and drink a little soda even in cold season and that would jam up my voice, especially in the mornings. I used to do some random vocal warmups to open up but it was not really helping. There was one winter season I remember where i could never open up my voice to its full capacity.

My point is that Vocal warmups help if you know what you really want to achieve, its not really going to cover up for cold or throat infection, you will have to get that treated first.

Second mistake which most singers and vocal artists make is to do random warmup exercises throughout the day. This is like munching food. Its may seem to feel good when you do it but it actually harms you in long run. Vocal Warmups have to be structured and co-ordinated and well orchestrated to achieve the goal you want to achieve. Say you want to sing a song which is mainly high notes on a given day , then your warm up session would be more focussed on opening up for high notes. If you are going to sing a melodious song , then you need some exercises in your kitty to strike the right melody.

For most vocal artists - there will be a normal warm-up session which will have some regular exercises, post that you will specialize and do the exercises which is best suited for the given day's performance. If you have taken singing lessons or have been reading my blog you already would have made the list of vocal warm up exercises you want to do. In this article I would like to show you some videos by Felicia Ricci, who is a famous singing tutor and I watch a lot of videos of her. She has a very honest way of explaining things and doesn't seem to hide and seems gives out everything to her viewers. You can subscribe to her channel if you want , but what is relevant for the vocal warmup I have already carved out in the videos below. She covers the basics and then moves on to warmups for Mix voice or the mask , Following videos helped me so I thought of sharing with you.