What does it mean to have good voice ? Is it same as being good singer

So people have told you that you are a good singer with a good voice. You think you have a powerful voice and good control with wide range, and rich, clear, dark tone. So what does it mean to have a greatest voice ? Is it same as being great singer or are the two different. ? 
Actually there is a difference. People with good voice or excellent voices make good singers, However all good singers may not have excellent voices.
Having a good singing voice and being a good singer are not the same, but practically we have seen that they go hand in hand. At times singers with excellent voice quality and technique may not be as interesting to hear, in fact they may bore you down if they don't inject feeling and emotion into anything they sing. They would sing a sad song exactly the same way as a happy song. The notes/scale/technique would be there, but everything else that would make them interesting performers is missing. 
Contrast to that singers with average, even "bad sounding" voices can connect with the audience and touch the hearts with their passion, intensity, feelings they inject into every word they sing. I am not saying that voice quality is not important, it is very important, but establishing connect with your audience is equally important.
Opera singers have fantastic voices, but most people will never know their names. Fact is, few really good voices have made it all that big. 
Voice Quality and Singing are two different things as I have explained. If you have both then you can scale heights in your singing profession. If you have one of the two then it's going to be a struggle, however exceptional singing will always win over exceptional voice.
Voice quality is about what pleases the ears. You feel like listening more of the voice. Initially it will sound excellent, but if the feeling and emotions are missing you will get bored with that excellent voice quality very soon. To a large extent voice quality is god gifted. With Vocal lessons and Singing techniques you can always enhance your voice greatly, but you will not be able to go beyond your naturally gifted voice. 
Singing is about coveying the happiness or sadness in the song to your audience. You can use any of the techniques, either through your expressions, voice, singing techniques, riffs and runs, belting etc. Overall performance will be remembered by the audience and not just your voice quality. That is what I call good singing hence it will always be preferred over having a great voice.
Voice is one of the tools using which you can sing well, but its not the only factor. So if you have a good powerful voice you must focus on moving or touching your audience with your feeling and emotions. Good Singers must focus on developing their voice quality so it sounds pleasing to the ears of the audience and you can achieve much more with much less effort.