Advanced Level

I sing good - But something is missing ?

Many times when I attend a concert or a short singing session I realize that singer was technically really good however I cannot articulate what is missing. Something did not touch me, I am not able to feel the song as well as I have felt some other songs. There are even times when a average singer gives a memorable performance and leaves me perplexed. I think only if he had some more talent he could have done wonders. 

Belting - Best exercises and Tip

BELTING. What exactly is belting? And how do you do it?. The following video below gives demonstration of belting which almost everyone in popular music and especially musical theater does. The Video also gives five best and most effective exercises for belting. We have covered some basics in our earlier content on which is essential : good posture, breath, and support. This is slightly advanced singing.



Learn How to sing tough songs

Do you sound as good as the original song ?. Do you want to learn how to sing a song ?. Taking example of few Indian Songs I want to show you how to listen to a song first then do the riffs, runs, belting , breathy voice etc. There are many elements of singing, but mark of a good singer is to know which element to apply where. What sounds good at a particular place in a song and what may sound out of place. To sing well, first you must listen to a song well, understand the intricacies.

How to develop your own Singing Style

Singing with Style is an ultimate goal of a singer. I will correct myself, singing in UNIQUE style is what every singer desires. You may be learning singing for a long time, you may have hired a personal tutor, but if you are not distinct in your voice or your style its very difficult for you to find place under the Sun and make a mark as a singer. For professional singers developing a unique style is imperative to succeed.