Best Vocal Training (Singing) softwares and Should we use them ?

Singing softwares are generally designed to take input of audio and give  visual feedbacks for pitch, beat and loudness. This is required because as an amateur you will not have a musical ear to point out your mistakes. If there is a software which can show you visually how you sing then it will help you do needed correction. Using the software s you can sing and replay instantly and check your output.

How can I learn Singing at home without any background of singing, music

learn singing at home without background

If you have been reading my blog then you would have realized by now that singing is an art which requires lot of hard work, patience, dedication and focus. However many times people ask me, “I just want to sing this one song, I don’t really want to be a rock star or a pro. How can I do that?”


Why do I sound bad in recording but good while singing

A common misconception that most amateur singers have is - I sound good when I am singing , but horrible when I listen to my own recording. How can we explain this phenomenon. Is it due to the fact that recording equipment is not good,?  or something changes mentally when you record ? or is it even true that one can sound good while not recording. ?


Can you lean to sing in your 20s or 30s

The simple answer is yes. You can practically learn to sing at any age. However when you are older you may need help of a professional teacher. If you have been singing since childhood then lot of basic things about singing are known. Like singing in correct pitch, correct volume , applying correct riffs and runs, being a performer and not just a singer etc.

What are the best practices for Vocalists or Singers

When you start learning to sing or when you want to take your voice to next level, there are certain things which comes to mind. Are there certain best practices, exercieses, strategies which beneficial and will help be become a better singer ?.
What are the best practices for improving a performance?. What concepts beginners need to know and how to apply exercises correctly. ?

Top 10 tips on How to improve singing

  1. Get professional training from a reputed Vocal coach

if above is not possible, due to any reason then you will have to self help yourself. Check out the 10 tips below which will help you continuously improve your singing. I guarantee that you can see progress on monthly basis if you keep practicing below tips.


What does it mean to have good voice ? Is it same as being good singer

So people have told you that you are a good singer with a good voice. You think you have a powerful voice and good control with wide range, and rich, clear, dark tone. So what does it mean to have a greatest voice ? Is it same as being great singer or are the two different. ? 
Actually there is a difference. People with good voice or excellent voices make good singers, However all good singers may not have excellent voices.

How to improve singing voice and sound good

How to improve your singing voice and sound good. There are many ways to improve your singing voice and sound good. However there is no quick fix, but you can start seeing results almost instantly. Some tips from my side to improve the quality of your voice.
  1. Practice , Practice practice. You must know the song well and practice on a daily basis. You cannot be practicing once in a week and expect to sound good. Practice in the morning. Morning is a good time for singing practice and vocal exercises. You must start with low scale.

How much time taken for beginners to learn Singing

A very frequently asked question by beginners , is how much time or how many hours do I have to spend before I can learn Singing ?. 
A simple answer to this question is it takes time to really find the right singing voice and to develop your voice to sing well. Now the question is how much time ?