Extending Vocal Range

How to sing songs which are high pitch for you.

Singing in the proper scale is important. All singers have a voice range. Most popular singers have a 4 Octave voice range and it takes lot of professional training to achieve that level.  There are few singers who have 6 octave voice range. 
No matter what your vocal range is. You can always sing the song if you practice well. Say you have two octave voice range which is true for most amateur singers, you need to start the song in the lower scale so you can go as high as possible.

Isn't Singing all about having a huge vocal range ?

Isn't Singing all about having a huge vocal range ? When we hear some great singers hit high notes with ease and perfection, we often wonder, if we had this vocal range we would be great singers too. Right ?. Answer is No. Huge Vocal range is only one of the skills required to be a good singer. In fact in many Genre of singing two to three octave vocal range is good enough.

Add Notes and Extend your vocal Range fast

The most commonly asked question by amateur singers is - "How do I increase my Vocal Range ?". The counter question would be "Why do you want to increase your vocal range ?", While its important to increase your range, one must understand that powerful singing is not limited to singing higher notes. In any case extending your vocal range is important. The first thing you must understand is that as you sing higher notes, you must reduce the amount of air that is coming out. This sometimes translates into reducing your volume.