Vocal Pitch

Best Vocal Training (Singing) softwares and Should we use them ?

Singing softwares are generally designed to take input of audio and give  visual feedbacks for pitch, beat and loudness. This is required because as an amateur you will not have a musical ear to point out your mistakes. If there is a software which can show you visually how you sing then it will help you do needed correction. Using the software s you can sing and replay instantly and check your output.

How to have a deep voice

Has deep voice always amazed you and have you always wanted to have a good deep voice ? . There are many voice artists who have deep voices, for eg: people on radio, voices that you hear in movie trailers, voice-over artists and public speakers all have very good professional voice which gets people glued to their talk or speech. 


What is Whistle tone or Whistle Register

The whistle register is the range of vocal notes above E6. Whistle register is an extension of your head voice or head register. The sound in that range are similar to whistling sound and hence the name. A properly pitched whistle register tone can shatter glass, there are some videos on Youtube which you can watch.  

Finding your mix and singing high notes

Finding the mix voice is the key to becoming a singer. Most singers who are popular may not know this term "mix" but if they sound powerful they are singing in their mix. Without finding your mix you will not be singing as powerful and will have difficultly in connecting higher notes.

Another video by Brett Manning on Finding your mix voice