Vocal Warmups and Singing Exercises

Warm ups for singing - Most important things to do

Vocal Warmups exercise

Vocal Warmups are very important , especially during the colder season. I used to have habit of eating ice-creams and drink a little soda even in cold season and that would jam up my voice, especially in the mornings. I used to do some random vocal warmups to open up but it was not really helping. There was one winter season I remember where i could never open up my voice to its full capacity.

My point is that Vocal warmups help if you know what you really want to achieve, its not really going to cover up for cold or throat infection, you will have to get that treated first.

Sound Good when Singing - Vocal Exercise

The best way to sound good is to be natural. Be Yourself , don't try to overdo things. When you try to bring in the extra power, then you will sound un-natural and often shrill and sharp which is not good on ears. As amateur Singer you will tend to imitate what you hear. This will make you sound artificial. You will not be consistent , somedays you will sound good and people will appreciate you , somedays you will do bad and will shake your confidence. They key is to be in control, Sing in your most comfortable vocal range, since the songs you are comfortable with.

Vocal Warm-Ups - Need and Basic Routine

Do we really need the Vocal Warmups. Isn't it waste of time. After all I have to sing well, do high notes, belting, riffs etc.
I will ask you a counter question. Can you lift 30 Kgs directly and not sore your muscles. Wouldnt it be good if you warm up your body, start with 5 Kgs and then gradually go all the way to 30 kgs. ?