Voice Care

Voice Cracking - How do good singers handle it ?

Voice break generally refers to transitions between different vocal registers of the human voice. Although singing is mostly done using the modal register, it is important for more professional singers to be able to smoothly move between different vocal registers. Unintentional voice breaks are called voice cracks. Cracking voice sounds very naive and its not good at all for professional singers. Voice cracking happens when there is lack of steady flow of air especially when singing higher notes. The voice muscles are not able to support.


How to protect your vocal chords

Singers must take good care of their vocal chords. Rather than leaving things to chance, you must work hard on the health and well being of your vocal chords. Singers are known for their voice and consistency. If you are not consistent, then you are not a good singer. You cannot sing excellent once in a while and sing below average most of the time. Consistency requires lot of hard work and self control. Following tips will help you to protect your vocal chords. Make good note of these points.


Singing when you are sick

There are some days when you will not be able to sing. Especially if you have a throat infection. You will be able to sing low notes and high notes, and will find it difficult to connect the middle notes. If you still have to sing then dont tell anyone that you are sick. Just go out and attempt as if you are fine, pick an easy song which you have mastered over the period of time. Prevention is better than cure, but if you fall sick, you can check out some home remedies in the video below.

If you are mildly sick then you can follow these following tips.


Vocal Chord Health and Singer's health

Healthy body will have a Healthy voice. A well accepted fact in Singing community. If you are constantly ill or unwell, your singing output will not be as good.
Singers have to take care of their overall health, not just the health of their vocal chords. Singing to me is an output of your entire body. You cannot have a severe knee pain and yet expect to sing well. You mind is diverted and will affect your output.
Some tips to have a healthy singing voice